Building Brighter Futures Together

By Benjamin Rohling

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Join our mission to transform the future for underprivileged children. By offering educational tools and opportunities, we're not just donating; we're building brighter futures, fostering a generation of dreamers, leaders, and achievers. Together, let's create a world where every child can shine.

Education (General)

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About the Cause

Dubai Cares’ programs are designed to reduce, if not remove, the greatest obstacles that prevent children and young people in developing countries from attaining quality education. With each intervention, Dubai Cares evaluates the need for assistance across two key areas: 
Access to Education which allows Dubai Cares to improve children’s health and learning environment, increase education enrollment and attainment, increase access to education, reduce absenteeism, increase gender parity and increase promotion rates.
Quality of Education which enables early learning, enhances educational attainment and school progression, improves literacy and numeracy skills among children, enables teachers to access teacher training resulting in better learning outcomes, reduce dropout rates and increase primary school attainment.

Dubai Cares is a long-term advocate of safeguarding children and young people’s right to education and is currently playing a global advocacy role in spreading the knowledge about the importance of providing education to the unprivileged children.
We also champion education through research - There is an overwhelming lack of evidence as to what works to promote children’s learning in crisis-affected contexts. Research plays a pivotal role in tackling this issue.

My Story

Our journey into philanthropy, led by my son Alexander and supported by me, is rooted in gratitude and a vision for equitable education. Alexander's fortune to access excellent education starkly contrasts with the reality of many children worldwide, sparking his desire to bridge this gap. This family-driven initiative reflects our commitment to empower every child with the opportunities they deserve. Alexander's awareness of educational disparities from a young age and his urge to help have been the driving force behind our campaign. His leadership, coupled with our collective efforts, aims to create a ripple effect of positive change. Supporting my son's vision has been an enriching journey, teaching us the value of looking beyond ourselves and working together for a brighter future. Our story is a call to action, inspired by Alexander's determination and the transformative power of education. Join us as we strive to light up young minds and open doors for children around the world.

A big thanks to our supporters

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