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SISD Cares

By Gullrukh Rafiq

Ends in 154 days

Our school community is passionate about philanthropic agendas. We have been involved in fundraising events, campaigns and…

AED 2,000.00

428.5% Funded AED 8,570.00 / 2,000.00

Art for charity-Spread…

By Pia Advani

Ends in 154 days


AED 5,000.00

5% Funded AED 250.00 / 5,000.00

Tecom supports "Education…

By Muna Almuhairbi

Ends in 230 days

As part of our commitment to give back to the community and support initiatives that are key to the knowledge economy, we…

AED 10,000.00

43% Funded AED 4,300.00 / 10,000.00

Bangladesh: Improving…

By Dubai Cares

Ends in 231 days

The program aims to improve access to Safe Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Schools in Bangladesh that will benefit…

AED 5,505,000.00

0% Funded AED 150.00 / 5,505,000.00

India: Improving Early…

By Dubai Cares

Ends in 231 days

This program aims to improve Early Childhood Education (ECE) and benefit approximately 50,000 children in India over the…

AED 2,385,500.00

0% Funded AED 2.00 / 2,385,500.00

Jordan: Providing Access…

By Dubai Cares

Ends in 231 days

The two-year long program aims to provide access to quality ECCD Services for 4,000 Syrian refugee children and host…

AED 5,505,000.00

0% Funded AED 0.00 / 5,505,000.00

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