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Step up to the Plate 10k…

By Gillian Flannighan

Ends in 359 days

Please join us in walking, running, scooting or cycling 10km between 3 - 11 December 2020 and donating AED 50 when you have…

AED 1,000.00

0% Funded AED 0.00 / 1,000.00

Rhyme for Education

By Myrah Mehra

Ends in 356 days

I want to help the schools that are government run. I want them to have strong tables, chairs, good study material and I want…

AED 2,000.00

28% Funded AED 560.00 / 2,000.00

EC Charity Week

By Lisa-Marie Volcere

Ends in 8 days

As a school community, we aim to raise money for students who are less fortunate in education. We have a variety of…

AED 2,500.00

10% Funded AED 250.00 / 2,500.00

SISD Cares

By Gullrukh Rafiq

Ends in 210 days

Our school community is passionate about philanthropic agendas. We have been involved in fundraising events, campaigns and…

AED 2,000.00

70% Funded AED 1,400.00 / 2,000.00

DAA supports "Education…

By Jisu Lee

Ends in 351 days

"Covid Relief Club" - Based on Dubai American Academy. Our goal is to raise awareness about ongoing campaigns…

AED 3,300.00

10.6% Funded AED 350.00 / 3,300.00

Repton's 3rd adopted…

By Holly Tighe

Ends in 349 days

The Adopt a School campaign is an incredible initiative that allows us to raise funds to build and sustain schools in…

AED 142,000.00

2.4% Funded AED 3,400.00 / 142,000.00

Adopt a School in Nepal

By Foremarke School

Ends in 338 days

Over the next couple of months, Foremarke's Pupil Council will be running a variety of activities in school to raise…

AED 165,700.00

2.5% Funded AED 4,210.00 / 165,700.00

Support the Girl Child…

By Maimuna Alokore Yunus

Ends in 323 days

Education is the foundation upon which any change is built. Learning helps women to help themselves and break the shackles of…

AED 1,500.00

0% Funded AED 0.00 / 1,500.00

Educate and Empower

By Mishal Faraz

Ends in 316 days

The world is going through challenging times amid the spread of COVID-19, which is disrupting lives, industries,…

AED 2,500.00

11% Funded AED 275.00 / 2,500.00

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