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6 days left

Jeremy cares

By Jeremy Musili

Ends in 6 days

As part of Jeremy's 6th birthday he has decided to fundraise to support Dubai Cares in their work of supporting education in…

AED 1,500.00

6.7% Funded AED 100.00 / 1,500.00

2023 Birthday Fundraiser

By Dipika Dinesh Saxena

Ends in 36 days

Empowering Children with Education

AED 1,500.00

23.3% Funded AED 350.00 / 1,500.00

Empowering Minds, Transforming Lives: A…

By Noora Al Mousawi

Ends in 284 days

Together, let's empower girls through the gift of education. Join my campaign to create safe and nurturing learning…

AED 4,000.00

2.5% Funded AED 100.00 / 4,000.00


By Nakshatra Prem

Ends in 164 days

This is part of my STARKID foundation activities - CHARITY initiative

AED 500.00

0% Funded AED 0.00 / 500.00

From Dead Sea to Red Sea to support education…

By Olga Zolotova

Ends in 225 days

  2 days 260 km distance 2,600 m elevation gain PwC Middle East team is cycling from Dead Sea to Red Sea to raise…

AED 70,000.00

47.4% Funded AED 33,200.00 / 70,000.00

Give the Gift of Education Today

By Budhil Konanki

Ends in 209 days

Education is a human right. Yet, millions of children lack access to quality education. Your donation can change this. Give…

AED 2,500.00

0% Funded AED 0.00 / 2,500.00

"Building Bridges to Success"

By Rahil Hussain Khan

Ends in 98 days

"Our education campaign aims to empower individuals through knowledge and learning. Through our campaign, we will promote…

AED 2,500.00

48.4% Funded AED 1,210.00 / 2,500.00

Music to our Ears

By Zainab Mahmood

Ends in 201 days

We believe that music is a brilliant tool to bring people together and that we should capitalize on this gift by using it to…

AED 5,000.00

35.6% Funded AED 1,780.00 / 5,000.00

Ramadan Fundraiser

By DAS Collection

Ends in 181 days

During the holy month of Ramadan we will be asking our supporters to help us raise money for those less fortunate.

AED 15,000.00

121.3% Funded AED 18,200.00 / 15,000.00

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