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30 Laps for 30 Days of Ramadan at DBF!

By Nadine Davis

Ends in 31 days

As a school, we pledge to walk 30 Laps of DBF to raise money for education for all!

AED 3,000.00

0% Funded AED 0.00 / 3,000.00

Let’s help children in need

By Amani Ereiqat

Ends in 31 days

Zayed would like to dedicate his Birthday for a humanitarian cause

AED 5,000.00

0% Funded AED 0.00 / 5,000.00

Walk for the good

By Priya Balasubramaniyam

Ends in 320 days

Experience their reality today, to make a better tomorrow.

AED 1,000.00

0% Funded AED 0.00 / 1,000.00

GEMS MB Cluster

By Kathryn King

Ends in 170 days

We are so excited to be able to provide our wonderful community with the opportunity to raise funds which will help children…

AED 100,000.00

13% Funded AED 12,996.50 / 100,000.00

JESS Dubai Charity

By Kendyl Blackburn

Ends in 154 days

JESS Dubai is proud to collaborate with Dubai Cares to enable our students a platform to fundraise in school. Students are…

AED 50,000.00

7.2% Funded AED 3,601.25 / 50,000.00

Dubai 30x30 - Turkey Trot

By Smira Ahmed

Ends in 232 days

The iCADEMY community during the last week of the Dubai 30x30 will be participating in a run to raise awareness on the…

AED 2,000.00

15% Funded AED 300.00 / 2,000.00

Laureus Challenge 2022

By rebecca dance-shuker

Ends in 226 days

Laureus Challenge 2022 presented by Sierra Space Bringing together 100 inspirational people from around the world, including…

AED 40,000.00

1.8% Funded AED 700.00 / 40,000.00
1 days left



Ends in 1 days

I will be joining a team of amateur and professional riders will cover 550km cycling across all seven emirates in four days,…

AED 20,000.00

59.8% Funded AED 11,967.00 / 20,000.00
1 days left

TFG 7 Emirates Cycle Challenge 2022

By Abdallah Alireza

Ends in 1 days

Our team of amateur and professional riders will cover 550km cycling across all seven emirates in four days, helping raise…

AED 25,000.00

0% Funded AED 0.00 / 25,000.00

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