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Masterminds for Gaza: Hope & Aid for Children in Need

By Masterminds Team

Ends in 4 days

Join Masterminds' parents and staff in our mission to provide urgent relief to Gaza's children and families. Your support brings essential care in critical times. Together, we can offer hope and aid to those in dire need, uniting in compassion and action.

Health and Nutrition

AED 40,000.00

About the Cause

Poor health and nutrition negatively affect children’s school attendance and ability to learn. We implement school feeding programs that look for alternative ways to ensure sustainable supply of nutritious foods to school children and young people in urban and marginalized areas. 

In addition, contaminated water and poor sanitation are big factors that result in the death of children worldwide. In our programs, we always include what is called WASH which means Water, Sanitation & Hygiene. This is done through the design and construction of child-friendly and gender sensitive facilities for sanitation, such as latrines and hand-washing stations. We also provide clean water supply by building water wells and raise awareness about the importance of sanitation and hygiene.

My Story

At Masterminds, we cherish the safety and access our children have to exceptional education, healthcare, and nutrition. We instill kindness as a core value, emphasizing action over words. Extending our compassion beyond our community is crucial, particularly for those in dire need. In Gaza, over 1 million children face severe conditions, deprived of essentials like water, food, medicine, and safe hospital access amidst escalating conflicts. They confront unimaginable challenges daily. This campaign is our collective opportunity to transform empathy into action, showing our students kindness's real impact. It's more than a campaign; it's our shared humanity's expression and our commitment to positively impacting the world. Join us in this vital endeavor.

A big thanks to our supporters

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