Running for Children in Gaza



On April 12 2024, I will start the Worlds Toughest Footrace, the Marathon Des Sables. The race is 250km, 6 marathons in 5 days across the Sahara Desert. I do this to raise funds for the Children of Gaza.


AED 75,000.00

About the Cause

Gaza in Our Hearts is a Ramadan fundraising campaign by Dubai Cares that aims to support the people of Gaza with emergency relief aid including: Hot Meals Distribution, Food Basket Distribution and Emergency Shelter Tents.

To ensure the prompt and efficient supply of this emergency relief, we have partnered with Anera who are working closely with UN, diplomatic and non-governmental organization partners to open aid corridors to enable it to urgently deliver life-saving aid.

Through your generosity and compassion, we can make a significant difference in the lives of those affected by the humanitarian crisis. Together, let us stand in solidarity with Gaza and demonstrate that hope and compassion know no borders.

My Story

The Marathon des Sables is not just a race; it's a profound odyssey. Covering over 250 kilometers across the Sahara's scorching dunes, participants grapple with nature at its most relentless. The sun blazes with unforgiving heat, while sands shift beneath every footstep, making each mile an exercise in sheer determination. Yet, as brutal as this journey is, it carries a purpose that fuels the spirit even more: a commitment to making a difference. For me, a major driving force behind each grueling step is a pledge to raise funds for the children of Gaza. These children, who've known hardships most of us can only imagine, are the unseen cheerleaders in my quest. As the desert reveals its vast, desolate beauty — from infinite golden expanses to starlit nights — the purpose becomes clearer: to push boundaries for a cause far greater than personal achievement. Every drop of sweat, every challenging dune, serves as a reminder of the resilient spirit of Gaza's youth. In the end, the Marathon des Sables isn't just about conquering a desert; it's about harnessing the power of human endurance for a noble cause, and bringing hope to where it's most needed.

A big thanks to our supporters

Shazia Ansari

AED 50.00

Sally Edwards

Anthony Evans

AED 1000.00

Brendan Walsh

AED 100.00

Ben Cudmore

AED 250.00

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