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By Gullrukh Rafiq

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Our school community is passionate about philanthropic agendas. We have been involved in fundraising events, campaigns and welfare programs with Dubai Cares. Making use of our creativity and student led initiatives we strive to be a part of a more fair and just world.

Health and Nutrition

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About the Cause

Poor health and nutrition negatively affect children’s school attendance and ability to learn. We implement school feeding programs that look for alternative ways to ensure sustainable supply of nutritious foods to school children and young people in urban and marginalized areas. 

I addition, contaminated water and poor sanitation are big factors that result in the death of children worldwide. In our programs, we always include what is called WASH which means Water, Sanitation & Hygiene. This is done through the design and construction of child-friendly and gender sensitive facilities for sanitation, such as latrines and hand-washing stations. We also provide clean water supply by building water wells and raise awareness about the importance of sanitation and hygiene.

My Story

I am a teacher from the UK. I was a keen participant in charitable events and organizations in the UK and when the opportunity arose to register and continue with Dubai Cares, I was delighted. This UAE based philanthropic organization, founded by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum in 2007 has paved the path for many to have access to education. The shared goal of prioritizing children’s educational opportunities in underprivileged areas around the world was a pull that drew me in. It is now my 6th year leading Dubai Cares fundraising in the UAE. Our students in the Dubai Cares group at SISD have volunteered to be a part of the initiative. We meet regularly to brainstorm ideas for fundraising opportunities. They are encouraged to be innovative and use their voices to promote philanthropy. Some initiatives that have been undertaken and contributed funds towards Dubai Cares include: Annual winter markets, Grade 5 business fair, non uniform days and sports events like the skipathon. A significant achievement for us was being recognized as one of the top 3 contributing schools in the UAE in 2019. This was achieved with the support of the whole school community, inclusive of parents, teachers, and students. Last year we raised over 40, 000 dirhams. A fundamental aspect of the IB framework is taking action. In keeping with our school’s ethos of togetherness we are facilitating opportunities for our students to be action takers and change makers in order to support others and the United Nations goals to end the poverty cycle through education.

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