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Support in educating a girl child

By Nidhish Chandran


Investing in girls’ education improves communities, countries and the entire world. Girls who receive an education are more likely to lead healthy, productive lives. They earn higher incomes, participate in the decisions that most affect them, and build better futures for themselves and their families

Girls Education

AED 2,500.00

About the Cause

Gender equality is a cross-cutting theme in all Dubai Cares’ education programs with an approach that aims to secure equal access for boys and girls to safe learning environments with adequate facilities, materials and academic support from gender sensitized teachers and communities. 

My Story

They say it is even more blessed to give than to receive. On my coming birthday intsead of receving gifts and wishes I hope to accomplish with the support of friends, family and aquitances, this campaign target towards a cause I feel is one that only improves our world in evey aspect - that of educating the girl child Girls’ education strengthens economies and reduces inequality. It contributes to more stable, resilient societies that give all individuals – including boys and men – the opportunity to fulfil their potential and also better care and treatement of the elderly. It is estimated that around the world, 129 million girls are out of school, including 32 million of primary school age, 30 million of lower-secondary school age, and 67 million of upper-secondary school age. In countries affected by conflict, girls are more than twice as likely to be out of school than girls living in non-affected countries.

A big thanks to our supporters

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