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Support the Girl Child Education.

By Maimuna Alokore Yunus

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Education is the foundation upon which any change is built. Learning helps women to help themselves and break the shackles of exclusion. Emancipation and empowerment of women is of prime importance in every society and keeping the girls in school will also delay early child marriages which endangers the teenage life which common

Girls Education

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About the Cause

Gender equality is a cross-cutting theme in all Dubai Cares’ education programs with an approach that aims to secure equal access for boys and girls to safe learning environments with adequate facilities, materials and academic support from gender sensitized teachers and communities. 

My Story

In many communities in Africa, the child Education is not considered of importance in many communities. Many years ago I was that little girl who grew among boys with that limited privileges to Education. The community where I grew in only valued girls as a source of income for income through dowry paid through marrying their daughters to men whether forcefully or not. My father thought of marrying me off to a man who older and having 4 wives and many some of whom were my age mates, since he considered Education only for the boys luckily my bigger brothers intervened and advised my father to take me to school instead of marriage. Today, I would stand and take meaningful and sounds decisions for my self, not only that I have become the bread winner to entire family. Education gives a woman freedom of thought. It broadens her outlook and makes her aware of her duties and responsibilities. Education empower a grown up girl to become economically independent. They will be able to stand up for their rights. Girls have all the rights to get educated. Empowerment of girls and women is necessary to fight against the problem of gender-inequality. Education of rural girls is equally important. The rural girls are not getting ample opportunity for education. Education of these girls would have positive impact on both economy and society. Many people say that girls should not go in for degrees. They are wrong, because girls have already proved their worth in all walks of life. There is no reason why girls should not get the same kind of education as men. Considering the important roles women paly in the society, I got the passion to support girls Education in my community and therefore became an advocate of Girls Education. As a result we have established the school and have classroom but the school lacks dormitory for girls, Libray, Science lab, Computer lab and mosques for Muslim students. The current school stands on 1.795 Acres. Any kind of support will be appreciated to that this dream is being achieved.

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