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TFG 7 Emirates Cycle Challenge 2022

By Rob Burns


Our team of amateur and professional riders will cover 550km cycling across all seven emirates in four days, helping raise funds for Dubai Cares and The Rashid Center for People of Determination.

Education (General)

AED 500,000.00

About the Cause

Dubai Cares’ programs are designed to reduce, if not remove, the greatest obstacles that prevent children and young people in developing countries from attaining quality education. With each intervention, Dubai Cares evaluates the need for assistance across two key areas: 
Access to Education which allows Dubai Cares to improve children’s health and learning environment, increase education enrollment and attainment, increase access to education, reduce absenteeism, increase gender parity and increase promotion rates.
Quality of Education which enables early learning, enhances educational attainment and school progression, improves literacy and numeracy skills among children, enables teachers to access teacher training resulting in better learning outcomes, reduce dropout rates and increase primary school attainment.

Dubai Cares is a long-term advocate of safeguarding children and young people’s right to education and is currently playing a global advocacy role in spreading the knowledge about the importance of providing education to the unprivileged children.
We also champion education through research - There is an overwhelming lack of evidence as to what works to promote children’s learning in crisis-affected contexts. Research plays a pivotal role in tackling this issue.

My Story

Having had the good fortune to champion The First Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility program, Enriching Young Lives, I have had the opportunity to work with wonderful organizations that provide vital support to children in need. Our focus includes nutritional, health and educational programs that are designed to truly impact the lives of children internationally. The Rashid Center for People of Determination is one such organization that we have been privileged to work with for many years. The Rashid Center provides unique therapeutic and educational programs for children of determination that enable them to enjoy success scholastically and socially. Raising awareness and support for The Rashid Center was the motivation behind the inaugural TFG 7 Emirates Cycle Challenge in 2021. In 2022 we are extremely pleased to form a partnership with Dubai Cares for the second TFG 7 Emirates Cycle Challenge which greatly broadens our ability to make a difference in the lives of children around the world. The Dubai Cares unparalleled Early Childhood Development Program includes country-based interventions that support learning, school readiness, physical, cognitive, and social and emotional development through multi-sectoral approaches. 100% of funds raised will go to support these extraordinary causes that impact the lives of children globally. Your donation will truly make a difference, please dig as deep as you can 😊 Many thanks, Rob Burns.

A big thanks to our supporters

Collin Keeney

AED 2000.00

Christina and Clara Abu Leil

Anonymous Donor

AED 25000.00

Anonymous Donor

AED 5000.00

Anonymous Donor

AED 25000.00

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